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Steelcase CEO on How Office Layout Impacts Corporate Culture – Forbes

  If culture is an organization’s only truly sustainable competitive advantage(which it is), and a winning BRAVE culture is comprised of behaviors, relationships, attitudes, values and the environment (which it is), then you need to think… Continue reading

ShareDesk launches coworking marketplace in 50 countries | VentureBeat

ShareDesk, a Vancouver-based startup, launches its beta today to bring a bit of extra cash to individuals and small businesses with idle office space. The rise of the sharing economy is well-documented, but… Continue reading

LES TIERS-LIEUX, Espaces d’émergence et de créativité » Tiers Espace

Au croisement du territoire réel et du virtuel, de nouveaux lieux émergent ou d’anciens lieux sont réinvestis, des lieux tiers qui assurant le lien entre le local et le cyberespace, l’innovation et la… Continue reading