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Cognitive Democracy — Crooked Timber

Networks, media, collective action, public sphere, markets, hierarchies, politics, decision-making — Howard “In this essay, we outline a cognitive approach to democracy. Specifically, we argue that democracy has unique benefits as a form… Continue reading

L’engagement marketing : les 5 formes d’interaction possibles entre un internaute et une marque | Le Blog Kinoa

L’engagement marketing comprend l’ensemble des interactions possibles entre un Internaute et une marque. Plutôt que de voir un consommateur comme un être passif exposé aux messages, le marketing vise essentiellement aujourd’hui à le rendre acteur… Continue reading

The end of consumerism? | Money | The Guardian

Collaborative consumption – the notion that we can now share or swap anything from clothes and parking spaces to free time – is an exciting idea. But is it really the answer to… Continue reading